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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

The Longest Holiday - Paige Toon We begin with Laura, Marty and Bridget in the plane on their way to Key West. Laura is devastated from the collapse of her marriage.

In the hire car on their way to Key West, one thought portrays her emotional state:

“It’s hard to care about anything much these days.”

We learn the background to Laura and Marty’s friendship and how Laura feels in competition with Marty’s friendship with Bridget.

When I found out the reason for Laura’s distress it was one of those ‘wow’ moments. Obviously a fatal mistake and one with lifelong consequences. I wondered how this would colour her exchanges with Matthew while she was in Key West.

They hook up with three guys staying in the hotel while they’re taking part in a jet ski tournament but on their last night, Laura leaves one of them, Rick, on her balcony and following the sound of Latin music, stumbles across some people – one of who we will get to know as Leo.

Laura’s attraction to him is instant. Leo is dark and brooding and everything about him exudes ‘keep your distance from me – I’m not available emotionally.’ This attraction between them is HOT! That’s all I’m saying …

Through her time in Key West, Matthew is phoning. I really didn’t want her to go home to him or in fact, to go home at all!

The tangle of emotions that Laura feels, the emotional wounds Leo carry, Carmen and her bitchiness and Marty thinking she knows what’s best for Laura gives us plenty of conflict, making hackles rise and engaging us emotionally in their lives.

The scuba diving is a fantastic part of the plot. The night dive is heart pounding! My husband came up to bed after me one night and when he asked if I was ok, I replied I had been on a night dive – it felt so real!

The way of life in Key West and Miami feels authentic. I was transported totally into this life!

Just when I was wondering where else there was left to go, wham! Something spectacular happens which turns everything on its head. Loved being able to read Leo’s point of view and the way Bridget was on Laura’s side. Leo gave me butterflies before this but from this part? I fell in love with him myself :)

I was really, really, disappointed to come to the end of The Longest Holiday - very reluctant to get to those final pages. This is my all-time favourite of Paige Toon’s novels. Highly recommend you buy yourself a copy and for me, well, it’s staying on my shelf to be read again.

I would like to thank the publishers for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.