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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

Mist - Kathryn  James Mist opens with Nell going into the ancient wood at the back of her home. Despite her mother’s warnings, she has gone after dark. She’s following the mystery boy, Evan River. Conjecturing how it would be if she died there compared to her sister Gwen, we find out how different they are.

Evan River has been at Woodbridge Community College for a short time and is different from the others with his white hair and dark eyes. The college community do not see him or remember him. Straight away the reader intuits that Nell is different from everyone else as she does.

An interesting confrontation in the woods with another couple of boys from a neighbouring estate had me hooked!

Evan warns Nell that there is danger that night in the woods …

Nell and Gwen’s mother, Jackie, is a cop. Due to the recent powercut she is going to have to do a double shift and so the way is prepared for Gwen’s 16th birthday party to take place in the woods.

Nell can feel the danger in her mind and body but when the church clock strikes midnight, she starts to relax, after all, Evan said that “night” and after midnight it’s a new day. It’s when she relaxes that Gwen is noticed as missing and the adventure begins …

Nell is a fabulous character. Always on the outside of her community, walking to the beat of a different drum to everyone else, she invents an alter-ego who is more daring and allows her to be something she thinks she isn’t. As the plot progresses, she becomes stronger and stronger until finally, she comes into her own… still walking to the beat of a different drum but with her head held high and a strong belief in herself. I adored her!

Another interesting character in Mist is the girls nan, Dru Church. She rides a Harley and goes to festivals. As head of the British Folklore Society, we find out her responsibilities go much deeper than the caretaker of the iron house she lives and works in at the edge of the forest.

The relationship that intrigued me the most was that between Nell and her father, Tom Church. Separated from her mother, Nell doesn’t have a lot of respect for him. By the end of the story, we realise that neither Nell or Tom’s perception of each other has been accurate and a bond begins to form. I can’t wait to see how this develops in Frost!

The Elven world is beautifully crafted and has everything you would expect from a fairytale/folktale (with a few surprises too!) The relationship between Nell and Evan is one that is honest and open despite the differences in their ‘race.’ This is another thing I’m looking forward to being a part of in Frost … their developing connection.

The plot itself is not new, however the subplots are. The way the author combines the myth with the modern is refreshing and gives it a new feeling. I loved it that Lettice, who had been taken in 1913, told her side of the story. Modern technology is used with Google Earth playing a part and the brilliant creation of how Nell uses a modern tool to help her.

You’ll find magic, mystery, suspense and intrigue in Mist. The characters and their relationships are brilliant and carried me along on Nell’s quest to find her sister. I’m looking forward to finding out if, and how, it will be possible for the two worlds to live together. Definitely a YA series to get lost in!

I would like to thank the publishers for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.