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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

Bad Angels - Rebecca Chance Bad Angels begins with Melody. It’s the 22nd December. Last year she was voted the most beautiful AND sexiest woman in Britain but when we meet her, she’s not only bruised and splintered but she’s also very miserable. Trying to put right the mistakes she has made, as part of that, she’s had reversals of the procedures she had to have done for a movie.

We find out more about Limehouse Wharf through nurse Aniela. As she checks Jon’s wounds, she suspects he is hiding something. From Jon we find out about his background and the past he is hiding.

Grigor is full of bonhomie but underneath that lies an acute sense of survival. Dasha, his estranged wife, has knowledge about Dr Nassri which is a very powerful tool! Andy, the concierge, shares Grigor’s love of Christmas and becomes instrumental in putting into place all the things that symbolise the season.

Once our characters are in place, we become involved in their lives. Narrated in the third person in alternating chapters, the reader identifies with them all. As the days pass, leading to Christmas and New Year, the plot and sub-plots build causing conflict and tension.

I really enjoy Chance’s writing style… and once again, she has given me pure escapism! With Melody I had the opportunity to experience the acting world, Jon gave me a sense of espionage and Grigor into his luxurious world. I loved Aniela’s character – the way she could read body language and how balanced and centred she was. I also loved that Devon from Bad Sisters (you can read my review here) is in a scene. Great to hear how she was getting on!

The sex was an interesting mix – an inexperienced male, gay sex (if this offends you be warned but it is very well written – including the emotions), a brief window into S & M and an orgy.

There is plenty of conflict to engage the reader. Not only with the leads but also with secondary characters. Even though the majority of the story takes place at Limehouse Wharf, there is so much happening there is no time to be bored. Alongside the action there’s the party on Boxing Day and the magnificent climax on New Year’s Eve where everyone got exactly what they deserved. What more could you want for an escape at this time of year?

I would like to thank the publishers for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.