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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

Betrayal (Empty Coffin) - Gregg Olsen Betrayal begins with 16 year old Olivia travelling, in late summer, to Port Gamble, Washington. She’s been expecting an idealised version of America … the reality is disappointing!

At the Halloween party held at best friend Brianna’s house, Olivia tries the home brew and feeling unwell takes herself off to bed. She wakes briefly to defend herself but …

Straight away we’re into the action – not only with the murder but also in the early hours of the morning, we find out that there is far more to twins Hayley and Taylor than shows on the surface. Intriguing!

There is no prelude or background to Olivia’s murder and so I was alert trying to pick up clues as I read. The author cleverly drops hints about motive (Oliva’s YouTube videos come to mind and a photograph) … at a couple of points I was so sure I knew who the perpetrator was but no, I was wrong.

As we follow the investigation into Olivia’s death, we get to know the key characters including their flaws. The reader becomes a part of this community, not only at home but also at Kingston High. I was fascinated with these affluent people and their history with each other.

After a second murder, the plot focuses on the twins. This is just as tense and intriguing as everything that has happened so far. There are a couple of edge-of-the-seat scenes, which got my heart racing. Eventually their mother tells them the truth … or does she! After I had finished reading there was something nudging me, and I realised that although a truth was told, there is something else we didn’t get the answer to. Maybe it will be left this way or maybe it is something the author has brought in as a thread for the next novel in the series.

I enjoyed Olsen’s writing style. The pace of the plot was perfect, keeping me engaged and leading me on. There are characters with their own agendas, which adds to the suspense. The author uses modern language and social media pitched at the right level for the targeted audience (although I would also recommend for adults too!) Texting, tweeting, Facebook and YouTube are all a part of the story. The media are also involved and their ‘interference’ is a reflection of the part they play in real life.

Betrayal is more than a window into the baser nature of humans, there is also a paranormal element … this is a thriller with a difference!

Having received Betrayal unsolicited in the post, at the time it was just a book that went on the reading schedule. I had no idea the affect it would have on me (don’t you just love that!) I absolutely loved this story. I found it hard to put down and read it in 24 hours … and I’m still thinking about it now.

I would like to thank Andrea Reece for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.