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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

How Do You Voodoo? (Voodoo Romance, #1) - Janice Horton We meet Nola Nichols as she’s journeying from Barbados to London. She’s left her polo playing boyfriend behind and is returning after time away from the spotlight to model a new collection for a hot glossy magazine. Straight away the reader is introduced to Nola’s lifestyle and on the flight home, we get a glimpse of her personality that goes with that lifestyle. It’s during the flight back that she is cursed and from that moment, nothing is quite as it seems …

As Nola’s beauty fades she’s drawn on a quest with doctor Louis. During this time, opportunities present themselves, which in turn causes a reaction in Nola to look beneath the surface.

The lead characters and those on the periphery are well developed. The descriptions of the places we visit alongside Nola are well written – it was easy for me to feel as is if I was by her side. The pace of the novella doesn’t rush us through Nola’s story but unfolds at just the right time. As well as containing a moral, the reader has the romance between Nola and her doctor (with a couple of will they won’t they clashes).

How Do You Voodoo? is a novella that will entertain you and engage you … perfect for reading on that journey, as a break between full-length novels or when you have a spare couple of hours to yourself.

I would like to thank the author for a Kindle copy in exchange for an honest review.