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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

Witchstruck - Victoria' 'Lamb Meg’s journey opens in the ruins of the old palace at Woodstock. A full moon ritual is taking place, led by her Aunt Jane and attended by Elizabeth. A prediction is made and also a warning given.

We find out a little bit about Meg’s background and her leaving her home at Lytton Park to serve Elizabeth.

Alejandro comes onto the scene at a rather inopportune moment for Meg creating a false first impression. His master has been sent to administer religious instruction to Elizabeth in her forced seclusion at Woodstock.

We meet Marcus Dent after a witchcraft accusation is made against Meg by simple servant Joan. Sent to investigate the allegation, he offers Meg marriage in return for his protection. A character that will make your skin crawl …

Alongside the magic and the romance the reader becomes involved in a conspiracy. This is a time in England where religion is in turmoil – Protestants undercover while the Catholics are in power. Meg’s brother William and cousin Malcolm want to involve Meg in a plot and unwittingly she gives them exactly what they want. Betrayed by her father, we go on a tense journey to try and right the wrong.

Meg is a brilliant character. Still finding her way in the world of 1554, at times unsure of herself, naïve at times and wanting to find a place to belong. A lot of teens will identify with her! When she allows the power of her magic full reign she is awesome. My favourite scene is when Marcus Dent is seeking revenge at the village pond. Fabulously written. I had goosebumps!

Alejandro confuses Meg. At times warm and approachable yet at others cold and distant, she never knows what to make of him. Is he her ally or her enemy? I enjoyed watching their relationship develop.

With the fear of discovery of Meg’s talent, some harrowing scenes, the conspiracy and anxiety when Elizabeth is finally called back to court, the obsession of witchfinder Marcus Dent and the enigma of Alejandro, Witchstruck has plenty to engage the YA and adult reader alike. I’m looking forward to seeing where life will take Meg in the next volume of the trilogy.

Witchstruck is one of my recent purchases.