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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

666 Park Avenue  - Gabriella Pierce We’re introduced to Jane Boyle in an haute couture boutique. She’s been searching all week for the perfect dress to wear for a restaurant date with Malcolm. He’s been away on business. They’ve been together for a month having met at an antique auction. Jane’s enlisted the help of colleague and friend Elodie Dessaix. Jane is despairing after trying on everything from the sales rack when the sales assistant finally ends her telephone conversation and tells Jane that Malcolm has left a message that she is to buy anything she wants and for the cost to be put on his account. The cash register starts opening and closing on its own … and so we have our first introduction to not only the differences in their lifestyles but also the energy of Jane’s magic.

After the proposal at the restaurant, Jane decides she wants to visit her gran (who she hasn’t seen for six years) before crossing the ocean to New York. Finding things not as she expects, it is here that Jane finds a gift left by her grandmother and a letter of explanation.

From the moment they enter 666 Park Avenue, there is an intimation that not is all as it seems on the surface for this high profile American family. As the time builds towards their wedding day so does the crises. It’s at a party arranged by Jane through her job that she realises just what she’s up against. With the help of friends, she learns more about magic and how to harness and use her energy.

If you read my reviews you will know how much I enjoy seeing a lead female character grow and we certainly do with Jane. From a naïve woman whose childhood was spent on an isolated farm we see her grow into her power and assertiveness. On the other hand though, we see Malcolm fall rather heavily from his pedestal! A strong and charismatic man to begin with … I despised his weakness although I understood his motivation. Lynne (Malcolm’s mother) is the matriarch who controls everyone and keeps them on a tight leash. It will be very interesting to see the contretemps between Jane and Lynne escalate in the trilogy as Lynne tries to get the one thing she desires above everything else.

Weaving through the high society and the magic is a love triangle. I admired Jane’s loyalty – although I hope we see more of Harris!

The magic is really well written. The description of the energy and Jane learning to harness it is brilliantly portrayed. The first thing Jane sees in 666 Park Avenue is the family tree carved in the marbled wall with the line of descent through the female line. I loved this.

With brilliant characterisations, suspense, death, secrets, magic and love, there is plenty to hold the readers interest. It would be hard to pigeonhole 666 Park Avenue into a particular genre! Definitely one for your reading list.

I would like to thank Canvas Books for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review.