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White Wedding - Milly Johnson In the Prologue of White Wedding, it’s February and the fifth time that Bel, Max and Violet have bumped into each other in the bridal shop White Wedding. Chapter One begins three months later and the women have all become friends.

Bel’s wedding is first and the reader intuits that during those three months something has happened – she’s not as excited and buzzing as she was in the Prologue. Leading up to her wedding (and throughout the book), the strands of Max and Violet’s lives are woven through. Written in the third person this allows the reader to get to know the women, their fiancés and their lives.

Bel’s wedding is explosive! What a wedding to start with! I loved the wedding cake … She flees to the Bronte cottages on the Moors that are owned by her father to gather herself together. It is here she meets the mysterious man alluded to in the synopsis. The antagonism and Bel’s eventual return to her life are brilliantly portrayed. Max’ wedding is next followed by Violet’s. There are realisations and trauma leading up to each of them.

In the background is White Wedding owner Freya. There is a lot of intrigue surrounding her. No-one knows for sure her background. The part she plays in the story is very subtle but causes major changes that alter paths – and is magical!

All the characters are believable and easy to identify with. I actually don’t have a favourite … because they are all brilliant (I’m including in this the characters readers are meant to dislike).

There are many levels to White Wedding. Although the main theme is the weddings, I became engrossed in all the women’s lives. There is much depth and I think all women should have a ‘Freya’ in their lives before their marriages … Milly Johnson explores step-families, manipulation/obsession, insecurities, mental illness/Alzheimer’s and expectations. I LOVED the metaphysical aspect

Milly’s different length of chapters enhances the flow of the tale being created. You’ll find Milly’s humour sprinkled throughout alongside plenty of tension. There were a few surprises for me – I knew something was coming from Bel’s wedding being written up in the Melbourne Star but never guessed how that fitted in. What a shocker! I also wasn’t expecting Glyn to go that far … or Bel’s ‘husband’ Richard’s secret … and what a brilliant ending!

I’ve been so engrossed in Bel, Max and Violet’s lives that it has to be a keeper for me!

Thank you to Simon & Schuster UK for providing a copy to review in exchange for an honest opinion.