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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

Dreams - Daniela Sacerdoti We start Sarah’s story at James and Anne’s funeral. Her maternal aunt, Juliet, is staying at Sarah’s family home. Juliet has no idea of the secret activities the Midnight family are involved with. The plan is for Sarah to move in with her aunt. With good timing, in walks Sarah’s cousin, Harry Midnight.

Sarah has had no training from her parents, she does not know the truth behind the hunting. Straight away Sarah is forced to use her power for the first time (with Harry by her side) and from that moment, they are a team trying to save her.

We learn the mythology of the demons and hunters through different characters involved in protecting humanity. There is a hierarchy and reasons behind everything. Their stories are woven through the time the reader spends with Sarah and Harry. New information is given from them all the way through the story so the reader is eager to find out more about why the demons are managing to slip through the time stream and into this world. (The connection between human and demon reminded me of Philip Pullman and His Dark Materials Trilogy). There are some really interesting concepts in this mythology! It is very well crafted.

Sarah’s character is so believable. Neglected by her parents while they are off hunting every night, waking up after the terrors of her dreams with no-one there, she’s developed her own way to cope with the anxiety and fear. Not able to get close to even her best friend because of the life they live, she truly has been alone. Her developing feelings for Harry (by the way, there is more to Harry than he’s led Sarah to believe) while also under the spell of an enigmatic ‘male’ in her dream world leads to a very unusual love triangle! This series is targeted at the Young Adult audience and the romance is pitched at just the right level. Innocent and poignant.

I loved it that I didn’t know where the story would take me next. Would I be fighting the humans/demons who had killed Sarah’s parents or would I be in Louisiana or the Alps hiding or even in a dream? Despite being written in the first person it was easy to switch between the action.

There is much I thoroughly enjoyed in Dreams – the Dark Arts, the herbs, the spells, the elementals and the sigils; the different powers the secret families have; the mythology. The scenes are all apt with the theme of the story – darkness, storms, basements, physical endurance and isolation.

Dreams is fast-paced with new levels being introduced at every turn. Betrayal (from 20 years ago), deception, romance, magic and intrigue. The story ends with threads beginning to come together and the seemingly ending of one … and I just know there’s more to the cat than meets the eye. I want to find out if I’m right!

I would like to thank Janne Moller from Black & White Publishing for providing a copy in exchange for an honest review.