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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

Never Coming Home - Evonne Wareham I really enjoyed Evonne Wareham’s writing style. Whenever we’re told a fact about one of the characters, we’re not told it as in ‘he/she is’ but it is a part of the place we are in and therefore a part of the story. The characters traits are built up a bit at a time and we can infer certain things about their personalities before we have the whole picture. The snippets of Jamie’s personality make her real to the reader, even though she is absent.

The attraction between the two leads is instantaneous and hooked me in. It’s there in black and white, the reader can feel it from their actions and thoughts and they are honest with each other from the very beginning. How refreshing! But then Never Coming Home is much more than a romantic journey … Narrated in the third person, the reader spends time with them together as well as when they’re apart. Their love is earthy and all consuming. Despite the emotional baggage they carry, they complement each other from the start and accept their feelings for what they are (although this leads to tension near the end). I trusted Dev totally – his actions spoke volumes. Who wouldn’t trust a man who sat at their feet, ready to protect during emotional turmoil? Even though you had only just met him?

Suspense and intrigue are woven into the story throughout. My notes are full of questions – Why? Who? What? How? When? My readers should know by now how much I enjoy a book that makes me think, that leads me to infer and deduce. I was kept on my toes with Never Coming Home! Wonderful The author uses short sentences when the suspense is building and the tenseness was echoed in my own muscles. I can’t remember reading a story that had me physically moving about so much – ready to spring, changing position, sitting on the edge of my seat, then relaxing back as the crisis resolved. I have to admit to wanting to scan ahead in places but did resist the temptation. I also have to admit to figuring out the plot but I worked hard to do it! There are clues …

I lost myself totally in this world. I was there in Kaz’ home in London, leant on the office doorframe in Chicago, walked with Kaz and Dev in the deserted chateau, tripped over the thick black cable in the derelict building and heard the sirens in the distance. This is one book that is staying on my shelf so that I can experience everything again (and as I said recently to one person, no-one is getting their hands on my copy!)