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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

Build A Man - Talli Roland We meet Serenity in Talli Roland’s Build a Man while she is behind the receptionist desk at Transforma Harley Street clinic. It’s very obvious to the reader how she feels about the clients and her over-riding ambition to make it big in the tabloid scene.

Boss and partner Peter is a man ruled by routine. Everything is meticulously correct and he is pedantic to the extreme. Initially, Serenity is drawn to him though because of this. We always partner with someone who we think has that vital ingredient lacking in ourselves J and this is the case for Serenity.

Things get more exciting for Serenity when Jeremy Ritchie walks into the clinic for his total makeover. Seeing her chance to promote something so unusual (a MALE having cosmetic surgery and not just one change but several planned) she jumps at the chance and with The Daily Planet on board, the website Beauty Bits is born.

During the undercover assignations, the intimacy between Serenity and Jeremy builds, after all, you have to get to know the person you are studying …

I wasn’t prepared for how drastically wrong the surgery goes for Jeremy. For me, this turned a light read into something much deeper – I couldn’t click the button fast enough on my Kindle at the end of each page. The tension builds all the time and when you think there’s going to be resolution … there isn’t.

Alongside the main plot is best friend Kirsty’s life and what is happening with her. I loved the way the roles in their friendship changed and we saw the vulnerable side of Kirsty and the support of Serenity.

The characters in Build A Man have depth and are therefore believable. We’ve all met people who have the characteristics of the male leads and also can identify with Serenity and Kirsty. The antagonism from intern Mia is also believable.

I think the way the author deals with the controversial topic of cosmetic surgery is very well crafted. The humour/derision and the way Serenity’s skill is ultimately used positively will satisfy the most anti views of readers.

Build A Man was a read that hooked me in and in all honesty, I’m looking forward to reading the sequel Construct a Couple. I can’t wait to see how Serenity’s relationship with her boyfriend works out and if the tension in Build A Man is anything to go by …