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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

The Cordello Quest - Joanna Gawn,  Ron Dickerson The Cordello Quest opens on the Cornish moors. It is very atmospheric with the moonlight and the mist. Keira has been disappointed by partner Jason’s announcement – she was expecting commitment when instead, Jason tells her he’s been offered a job hundreds of miles away. Turning around to speak to Jason, Keira finds him snoring against a rock. Feeling drawn to one of the crags, she makes her way over and as she touches it, the crags move into a circle.

From this moment on, Keira moves into a parallel universe where she is part of the legend that will save the Cordellians from a neighbouring country … and what a parallel universe it is! At times I felt as if I was being led through a wonderful healing meditation. The descriptive writing opens up this world and the depth makes it come alive.

During the time that Keira is experiencing this ‘other’ world, Jason is still on the moors. He wakes and follows her dew-bejewelled footprints. Within the stone circle, he has a visitation from a mentor. So while Keira is learning and exploring, he is also.

After the reader becomes familiar with Cordello, the conflict begins. Lord Charls (a Cordellian) follows the path of a stereotypical male of only seeing resolution through battle but Keira knows that the ending can be achieved through ‘lovelight’. I loved universal energy being called the ‘lovelight’ and how the authors have made this accessible to all (which it is!) but mostly I loved how the authors gave it the power to transform.

As with all good quests there are also betrayals, heartache and love. I did wonder about the relationship between Lord Charls and Kiera, and wasn’t sure which way their friendship would go … especially seeing as he looked the same as Jason!

The ending did surprise me! Now I’m intrigued to find out who and which portal the second book will explore!

Throughout the Cordello Quest you will find allusions to myths: Kronos and Uranus; Atlantis; the Shining Ones … and also lightworkers; energy vibrations; synchronicity; facing your fears and the power of thought and emotion. Most importantly is the message to listen to and follow your own intution.

The Cordello Quest is a beautifully written magical journey and I enjoyed the way that although this is about Keira’s quest, the story also flashes back to Jason. This really felt like it tied up the story and made it whole.