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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

All I Want for Christmas - Amy Silver I was feeling the need to have some Christmas cheer and while looking on my bookshelves found All I Want For Christmas … which had been a gift last year and had remained there waiting for me to re-discover it!

We start to get involved in Bea, Olivia and Chloe’s lives from 14th December. The scene is set in The Honeypot – we get to know Bea, a little about her customers and the fact that there is something troubling her. Chloe is a business woman and is one of the demanding customers waiting in a long queue.

Olivia comes on the scene next. She writes a column in a number one glossy style mag although her honest review of a product could possibly lose her the job. When Bea brings her into The Honeypot after the accident she sits her at Chloe’s table. Somehow their purses are swapped and so begins the weaving of the tale.

Bea is hiding heartache and a secret that is huge. Chloe is a bitch who comes across as very shallow – although of course, there are always reasons behind our behaviours … and Olivia is an organiser (yes, she has a journal used solely for the purpose of lists) and scared of commitment.

We get involved in their lives until the end of Christmas Day.

All the characters have depth and substance making it very easy to lose yourself in this world. There is no time to be bored as the reader becomes involved in all three lives as they become friends. Even though Chloe starts out as the bitch, we get to see her unwind and relax. She has to be my favourite character because yes, she grows into the woman she is meant to be. The party in The Honeypot on Christmas Day was just the right setting to display her tangled love life.

I wasn’t sure as I was reading All I Want For Christmas whether it was actually the right book for the mood I was in. I didn’t feel much ‘sparkle’ due to Bea’s heartache. That is no reflection on the story itself though as the author managed to provoke quite a depth of sadness in me in relation to Bea. I love a story that provokes intense emotions! But I most definitely had that ‘feel good factor’ once I had finished reading.

An easy read, All I Want For Christmas is book to snuggle up with on these long dark evenings to transport you away from the madness of the season.