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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

The Perfect Christmas (JS EXCLUSIVE) - Georgie Carter The Perfect Christmas starts off with a prologue – we find out that Robyn is physically in the same place as last year on Christmas Day but with very different emotions. We’re introduced to her friendship with best friend Faye … and a mysterious male that makes her nerve endings fizz!

I was hooked in by the prologue – who is this mysterious man? What is the story behind the obscure Christmas gift?

Then we go back eight months to April. She meets ex-fiancée Pat again at a wedding she’s planned through her business ‘Perfect Day’. Robyn finds out information that wounds her but on the surface, is calm and in control.

Robyn has a wish list of things to be done before Christmas and one of those things is to attend Swing dancing. It is while trying to book at the Adult Education centre that she bumps into married Jonathan. They realise they’ve met previously at one of Faye’s dinner parties. Catching up over coffee, they have so much to say that time flies by. Innocent texts follow and soon they are meeting up and going out…

There is so much more to Robyn’s story though than her affair with Jonathan. Ex-fiancée Pat and Jo are quite central characters throughout and arch-rival Hester in the wedding planning business who throws many stresses and strains her way when she pitches for an A-list celeb wedding and wins the contract. There is plenty of romance at the four weddings that we get to attend - with the final wedding played out against the backdrop of Christmas Eve.

The Perfect Christmas is written in the first person so we get to know Robyn’s character really well. All the characters are brilliant from Robyn’s mum through to Daisy (who is the child of the A-list celeb). There is plenty of humour alongside the introspection and sadness.

Half-way through I made the connection as to who the mysterious male figure in the prologue was. I was thinking about the story when it suddenly fell into place!

Easy to read with some beautiful figurative language, The Perfect Christmas will take you away from your every-day life and when you’ve finished, you’ll have that glowing ‘feel-good factor.’ At only £0.99 on Kindle, I dare you to resist!