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Star Struck - Jane Lovering This is Jane Lovering’s second Choc Lit novel (the first being ‘Please Don’t Stop the Music’ published February 2011).

Our introduction to Star Struck is with a prologue on the set of sci-fi TV programme ‘Fallen Skies’. The prologue ends with writer Jack berating himself in his thoughts for being a drunk and a waster.

The story begins as best friend Felix is playfully presenting tickets of the convention of television serial ‘Fallen Skies’ to Skye. Straight away we know that Skye is not in a good place psychologically or emotionally. We get to learn that she has been involved in a road traffic accident that has left her brain damaged with only fuzzy memories of her childhood and no memories of the year leading up to the accident. Everything she knows is from photographs and information Felix has told her.

Felix gets Skye to Nevada in the hotel where the convention is taking place and it is in this setting that we journey with Skye as she tries to push herself out of her comfort/safety zone and learn more about who she really is. I thought it was quite heart-rending watching the fear and confusion she feels.

As Skye and Jack spend more time together, we get to know that his emotions are blunted by something that has happened in the past and as the story builds, we get to know that Skye’s past isn’t all that she’s been told it is.

I was wary of Felix from the beginning of the story. His mask slips quite often, which left me wondering what part he played in the past and what his role would be as we progressed further into the story.

There is also intrigue from the way the star of the TV show, Gethryn, interacts with Jack. My question I wanted answering was ‘What had Jack done to Gethryn in the past to engender such strong feelings?’ I had to keep reading to find out!

The bond between Skye and Jack is there from the very beginning. The way Skye and Jack’s relationship shimmers and builds was quite entrancing. I loved all the introspection! This relationship felt innocent while at the same time sizzling! Not an easy feat to achieve.

I really enjoyed the figurative language that author Jane Lovering uses ie; sometimes the shadow cast by what had gone before hung long and low over his life like a sundial at evening. How beautiful! I also liked the descriptive words … saturnine for me, conjures images of a face and bearing that is weighed down with responsibility and obligations.

I thought it was very unusual to set a story at a convention in a hotel. Despite the majority of the story being played out in one place, it worked really well and only adds to the intensity of the feelings.

Star Struck is a psychological and emotional healing journey for more characters than just Skye and Jack. The emotions at times are deep and dark – the author has her characters delving into their shadow selves and bringing them out into the light so that they can move on to a future they can live with – a future that includes their scars. It is more than a love story! It might even prompt you to look at your own life and accept who you are.

Even though the writing is beautiful I am giving Star Struck my three fairy rating because I more-or-less guessed where the story was headed and what would happen.

I would like to thank the publishers Choc Lit for sending me a copy to review.