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Bad Sisters - Rebecca Chance There’s been much excitement as bloggers have been tweeting about reading Bad Sisters. Much enjoyment shared too.

At the start of our journey through the three sisters lives, the scene is set in the prologue when we’re in 1993. Deely is 9, Devon is 13 and Maxie the eldest at 17. Straight away we are introduced to their childhood and the secret that determines how the sisters react to the world around them.

We read about each sister in separate chapters, which flow seamlessly from one sister to the next. For example, at the end of one of Dev’s chapters, she takes a phone call from Maxie which leads into Maxie’s chapter.

Part One introduces us to each sister and their lives now. Deeley in LA, whose contract is up and has to go back to the UK. She hasn’t ever had any responsibilities in life and has always been protected. She’s always given the responsibility of her life to others. Dev and Matt who want incompatible lifestyles. Dev’s strategy to her loneliness is to comfort eat ……… and Maxie who has made a niche for herself in the Sloane circle and has to have control over everything (and actually does have control over her politician husband Olly and their life). One thing is very clear – both Dev and Maxie resent Deeley and her ‘easy ride’ through life so far.

Some readers may be shocked by Maxie and the things she does. A PR coup she arranges is heartless with such blatant disregard for morality. Her sexual preferences might also shock. My response is that actually, these things do happen in reality and we all have a shadow side that not everyone is able acknowledge – so the shadow never comes to light. Rebecca Chance is one writer that obviously doesn’t have any qualms in using our cultures shadows – respect to her! The world isn’t full of fluff and candy floss.

Talking of sex, there are some hot and steamy times for all the sisters. Not for the feint-hearted! Taken as a whole, the sex is part of the story that makes it a fabulous read.

The emotional scars the sisters have mean they don’t fully participate in life. I loved the psychological and emotional journey that they take. We see them blossom from shells of themselves into the woman they were meant to be, understanding who they are and what they’re capable of.

I was so caught up in their lives and the people in them that I wasn’t even looking for or guessing what the twist might be. Surprise! There is a twist! The way the two sisters stuck together and saw it through showed how far they had come.

I thoroughly enjoyed Bad Sisters and would recommend it to anyone who likes ‘seduction, intrigue, rivalry – and murder.’ I have Divas (also by Rebecca Chance) on my bookshelf and can’t wait to read that now!

I would like to thank Simon & Schuster UK for sending me a copy to review.