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Sophie's Turn (Rock Star Romance, #1) - Nicky Wells Nicky Wells is a self-published author. When she contacted me to review Sophie’s Turn, I read the prologue which had me hooked instantly!

In the prologue, Sophie and Dan are in Paris while the band ‘Tusk’ are on tour and Sophie accepts Dan’s proposal. There’s only one problem with that …………what about her fiancée Tim back in London? I wanted to go back to the beginning to find out more about her relationship with Tim and what life was like for her. What had led her to this point?

In Part One we get to experience Sophie’s relationship with Tim. Tim is a very solid, dependable man who likes things to be exact and precise. I think the one thing that explained beautifully about his character (by inference) was in the restaurant when Sophie and Tim were celebrating their two year anniversary - the way he unwrapped his gift in the restaurant – it told me exactly what type of person he was! We also learn more about the closeness Sophie has with best friend Rachel. Their friendship is quite central to the story and I loved the way they supported each other and were open and honest.

Also in Part One we flashback to an earlier time in Sophie’s life – this is when she followed the rock band ‘Tusk’ to Edinburgh for their final gig and her relationship with Dan began. This worked really well as the author used a trigger to flashback so past and present fitted seamlessly together.

A key point in the story is at the airport – Sophie is flying to Manhattan to attend a conference. She notices Darren (from ‘Tusk’) and finds out the band are re-forming. When she’s back home in London, she finds out where they are next doing a gig and invites Tim and Rachel to go with her……………… and so she meets Dan again.

The attraction between Sophie and Dan is sizzling. There are some heart-thumping scenes between them – you can feel the heat coming off the pages! There are also some heart-wrenching scenes that may have you crying …………………

I found myself laughing out loud quite often, specifically I would like to mention the hotel room in Paris with Tim when room service arrives and a separate incident at home in London when Tim is gardening in the rain during the night and the police arrive. I have a smile on my face even now!

Sophie’s Turn is written in such a way that you feel included in her journey. It is easy to read and will keep your interest. A modern romantic fairytale ……………. but is the ending what you think it is going to be? I think you will be surprised – I was!

I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy to review.