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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

Love & Freedom - Sue Moorcroft Honor’s story in England starts with being rescued by her knight in shining armour – which I absolutely loved! It was so unusual that it hooked me in. Honor is suffering from jet lag and falls asleep in the sun – so although Martyn rescues her, it’s all seen from a dream-like perspective.

The bungalow Honor is renting is owned by Martyn’s ‘sister’, Clarissa. Through Clarissa and Martyn’s interaction we get the picture that Martyn is not doing much with his life.

From the beginning we see the spark between Honor and Martyn sizzle. They are getting to know each other, sharing backgrounds and experiences but before things can get too hot, Martyn finds out that Honor is married. Having been recently tangled up in a love triangle, Martyn backs off and refuses to take notice of his desires (well, he takes note of them but doesn’t act on them!).

On their first run together we meet Robina from a distance. Robina owns the local teashop and is infatuated with Martyn to the point where she is stalking him. Things get complicated when Honor gets a job working for her. Honor takes Robina’s son Rufus under her wing, interceding when the local bully is making Rufus’ life hard.

Honor comes across as quite a strong character from the beginning - although we may get a different perspective from her relationship with her American husband Stef, I felt she was the strong one who gave stability and responsibility to that relationship. In England, she doesn’t get pulled in by a local when she’s looking for work, stands up for Rufus and deals with Martyn’s drunk agent with strength and dignity. Honor is a very generous and thoughtful character but I did think that sometimes she put everyone’s needs before her own. Honour does grow with the things she comes to realise. I enjoy seeing lead female characters grow into their own skin.

Martyn is ……………….hot …………….. ! not only he is very male but he’s also in touch with his feminine side (he thinks about things, takes note of body language and uses his intuition!) What a very attractive combination …………………. He shows his weakness at times and we get the full force of his anger.

I enjoyed the build-up of their relationship including their thoughts as well as their actions. They seem to fit very well together as a couple - Martyn virile and protective while Honor is independent but melting. A blending of yin and yang.

Stef (Honor’s husband) intrigued me from the beginning, I wanted to find out from the hints what had actually happened and what type of a person he was. I must admit that when we do get to meet him I didn’t like him at all and it was easy to see how Honor could really come into her own while she was in England.

I enjoyed all the feelings we get to experience and loved the humour too. There were times when I couldn’t help a chuckle from escaping.

When it was time for the big reveal – I was so stunned (probably more than Martyn!) - I had to read it again, although it made absolute sense I hadn’t seen it coming. I loved that about this story.

Sue Moorcraft has crafted a tale that will hold your interest through the strength of her characters and how they interact. The sub-plots and plot will keep you intrigued and wanting to read on to find out more.

Love & Freedom is published by Choc Lit on 1 June 2011.