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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

The Beach House - Jane Green One summer a group of strangers - each with their own reason for wanting to step out of their busy life - meet at rented beachouse in sunny Nantucket. There's Daniel, who's causing heartbreak for his wife Bee; recently divorced Daff, who feels she's lost touch with her daughter Jess; and Michael - son of the house's mischievous , free-spirited owner Nan - who is having an ill-advised fling with his boss.
With so many lost souls gathered under one roof, very soon there are tears and laughter, friendship and - for some - even love. Each one of them is hoping for a new beginning. But will any of them find it?

This month is ‘International Chick Lit Month’ and it’s also Chick Lit Central’s one year blogoversary. In honour of that, they have been blogging a ‘Book a Day’ and The Beach House was one that caught my eye straight away. Instead of adding it to my wishlist I purchased it.

The Beach House was published by Penguin on 11 June 2009 and I purchased my copy from Amazon.

I thoroughly enjoyed Jane Green’s novel. It was easy to read and pure escapism. Something I needed to take my mind of my recent op.

We get to meet Nan right at the beginning of the story and we are introduced to what may be seen as her eccentricity. From this first chapter I loved Nan, the way she is comfortable with herself and how laid back she is. We also get a brief introduction to her son Michael and see how much he cares for her.

Next the character strands are woven in and first up, we meet Bee and Daniel. Following them is Daff and Richard with their daughter Jess. Then we get to know a bit more about Michael. Throughout the first part of the book, we weave in and out with their stories building up to when they get to meet at the beach house in Nantucket. I felt that everything was timed so well with these separate strands but I was really eager to see how it all played out when they came together so admit to rushing through!

All the characters are well-defined and believable. I don’t actually have any favourites with this story – not one stands out for any reason above the other – they all carried me along with their journey.

From the first appearance of Daniel at the beach house to the final night, Windermere (the beach house) showered the characters with its magic. It was so easy to get lost in the words and actually become a part of the story – feeling their emotions and cheering them on.

There are twists and turns and a few crises – one in particular surprised me, I definitely didn’t see that coming!

This is a story to hold your interest and make you want to keep reading. I am thankful it was blogged as I doubt whether I would have seen it otherwise. Definitely one to read on a summer holiday for some light escapism!