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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

The Teachings of the Nephalim: 2012 and beyond - Theolyn Cortens This is the second book of author Theolyn Cortens that I have read. As in Working with Archangels, this book is also set out in a logical and structured order. The introduction explains how the author first met the Nephalim. There are 12 Nephalim and they represent the qualities and virtues we need to develop in preparation for the new age – new age as in the Mayan calendar.

The Mayan calendar is explained as is also the major changes the earth and her inhabitants went through in the previous two ‘new ages’ – those in 3000 BCE and 8000 BCE.

There is a brief introduction to the 12 Nephalim followed by exercises (which have been created to help us become a clear channel for Divine energy) interspersed with spiritual concepts and mystical maps that are tools to help us explore on an inner level. There is information about the paired Nephalim – what they represent and invocations/guided journeys to meet them. Each pair of Nephalim and exercises build on the pair before so there is a logical structure. Part 3 is all about become a Nephal yourself.

There are several things I really like about The Teachings of the Nephalim
The fact that the Nephalim were divine as well as physical – they know what it’s like to live in the physical world and so to me are perfect to ask for guidance! (In the past I’ve read quite a lot about the Nephalim and believe they did exist on the physical plane)
it’s a hands-on manual! Anyone can access the exercises and although ultimately the journey is to connect with your divinity, they can be used for you to take a look at your life, realise that you are a creator and make changes for a better life.
The word ‘kything’ – this is so much better than ‘channelling’ and as the author says, it’s a two-way process where there is interaction and choice.
Guided journeys. I just love guided journeys! You can record your own using the text in one of the appendices or download MP3 versions from the authors website.
the spiritual concepts make a lot of sense (which my earthiness loves) and even if you have come across information before ie; the four soul dimension; how we can communicate with other realms … it is good to have it reinforced. If you haven’t - it is explained in such a way that I guarantee you will understand

I do suggest you use a journal to record all the exercises/information. Not only is this a way to make things concrete but will help you reflect as you move forward.

This is one book I will be dipping into again and again. I know there are things I will need to ‘go back’ to as I get too immersed in my day-to-day life and have forgotten. Eventually, I’m hoping that asking the Nephalim for guidance will result in me living a life that is 100% human and 100% divine!