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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

Working with Archangels: A Path to Transformation and Power - Theolyn Cortens This book had been on my Amazon ‘wish list’ so I was extremely pleased to open this on Christmas Day!
It is set out in what is to me, a logical order, and written so than anyone may read it and take from it what they need.
Part One of this book takes you through the history of Archangels, what they mean to us today and how working with them can help you. This information fired me up and led me to wanting more. I had already made a pact with myself that I wouldn’t speed read my way through but would stop at relevant points to meditate on what I had read – so I paused at the end of this part and let silence guide me on what I felt about the Tree of Life and Kabbalah.
Part Two is called ‘The Journey – meeting the twelve Archangels of the Tree of Life’. Before we meet each Archangel there is important information about how to ground and protect yourself. There is also a guided meditation to meet your own guardian angel – your guardian angel will accompany you on each subsequent meditation to meet the twelve Archangels so it is really important that you don’t skip this step! I will admit that I purchased the MP3’s which are guided visualisations although I did find that they weren’t really required. For me, after reading about each Archangel, life would conspire to ‘show’ me certain things and I would either dream about the Archangel or when sitting quietly, would meet each one.
The format for each Archangel is the same - the name of the Archangel followed by correspondences; information; stories; visions of today; calling on, preparing for your journey; invocation and finally, other ways to bring the Archangel into your life. The descriptions aren’t lengthy - there is much more you can do independently by researching yourself – but I thought this was a good foundation/springboard for further studying.
Part Three is ‘The Archangels of the Zodiac’. This follows a very similar format to Part Two. You will find out the two Archangels of personal importance (that rule your Sun and Moon sign).
The difference between these two ‘sets’ of Archangels is those of the Tree of Life are for universal energies (ie Hanael = energy, direction, purpose, assertiveness and vitality) while the Archangels of the Zodiac are for more specific/practical purposes (ie Ambriel = who you would call on if you are studying for an exam or want to write something inspiring).
Appendix 1 advises you on how to use a mantra for meditation. Appendix 2 are recommendations for books and music. The book finally ends with an index so you are able to locate something specific.
I have found journeying with the Archangels to be a very inspiring and spiritual experience. I would suggest that this is a beginners book and not one for those who are already working with the angelic energies.