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The Silent Tide - Rachel Hore

In the prologue, we’re with Isabel on the East Suffolk coast on 31 January 1953.  It’s one of the worst storms on record and as the North Sea floods over the marshland we witness a devastating flood scene.


Straight away I felt as if I was a part of the story.  The scene is so clearly portrayed.


Part One begins with Emily in present day Berkley Square in November waiting for her boyfriend.  She sees a mysterious woman and then finds that an old book by Hugh Morton is left for her.  This is the beginning of the clues left for her.


We’re then with Isabel in London in November 1948.  Isabel had fled to her aunt’s home in London, away from her family in Kent.


This is the structure of the story. Alternating chapters of present day with Emily following her own journey of being a part of the publishing world, her relationship with boyfriend Matthew and her involvement in Hugh Morton’s biography and the intrigue surrounding his first wife. In the past with Isabel we become a part of the life in the late 1940’s/early 1950’s and her time in the publishing world and her emotional life.


I have to admit I loved being in the past.  Everything feels very authentic.  Isabel is an independent woman who finds it difficult to settle into married life and motherhood.  Her life would have been much less traumatic had she lived in the present day!  It was easy to empathise with her as she tried to find her place.


I had guessed one thing about Isabel although hadn’t realised it was unintentional but had no idea about the other!  They are connected though – one leading to the other. Sorry to be so cryptic – no spoilers!


I understood Jacqueline but even so, she is the character I liked the least.


There’s intense emotion in Emily’s life too but this didn’t pull me in as much as Isabel did.  The intrigue with the clues leads her on and motivates her to find out the truth.  I enjoyed being a part of Matthew’s literary world and I liked the significance of the Valentine’s card!


The Silent Tide is an apt title in more ways than one…


I would like to thank the publishers for providing an uncorrected proof in exchange for an honest review.