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Strings Attached - Mandy Baggot The journey of how George and Quinn feel about each other doesn’t take long to getstarted and hold our interest.

George is asked to cater for Quinn’s after-show party and immediately they have an unexplained bond with each other. George’s catering creations are so well received that organiser and PA Michael Lambert wants George to cater for them every night. It is during this time that the feelings they have for each other blossom into something that draws the reader in. You feel George’s anxiety and fear underneath those feelings she has no control over.

All the time we are being drawn into their relationship, there are another couple of threads running through the story … Mandy Baggot subtly drops hints about George’s childhood and background so we never know for sure what has happened in the past. Whatever it was has impacted George to her very roots and leads to her becoming the women she is today and affects how she interacts with the world around her. We also find out that there is something in Quinn’s past that ties him to his record producer Roger. We don’t get many hints of what this could be which leads to intrigue and supposition. You want to keep reading to find out what is holding Quinn back from becoming the person he is meant to be!

The settings at home and in Spain worked really well. I could imagine Finger Food staff busy preparing and presenting the food, the concert that George and Marisa attend and the scenes on the roof. In Spain I could feel the heat and enjoy the food in the out-of-the-way restaurant. I suffered in the heat while preparations went ahead for the wedding.

Thecharacters are brilliantly drawn; Helen and her daughter Marisa who work with George in her catering business – Helen is a stabilising factor while Marisa definitely adds colour! I loved the way Marisa came through in an emergency showing us that how George relates to her is based on the things she did in her own childhood and not the person Marisa actually is. George’s family are portrayed really well – her controlling mother and laid-back father. Adam’s love of music and chance to practise with Quinn and perform at the start of the wedding is also another added thread to the story.

George and Quinn’s is not the only love that unfurls in Strings Attached. It was great seeing two of the other characters finally getting together!

The author writes mainly in the third person but when we share Quinn’s thoughts, it is written in the first person. For me this worked really well and gave a depth to Quinn’s character that drew me in even more.
There is one surprise I received just over half-way through the story in connection to George’s family… that really wasn’t something I expected as I didn’t see it coming at all!

The things that are gradually revealed keep the readers interest and in my opinion are totally believable. I enjoyed George and Quinn’s relationship – the tenderness and the passion, the uncertainty and the secrets. This is a chick lit story that has stayed with me since I’ve read it.