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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

The Woman He Loved Before - Dorothy Koomson What an absorbing read that tells of love, choices and the consequences of how the past affects the future! It reminds us that what you see isn’t always what you get!

The prologue is enough on it’s own to hook you in - as we know from reading the blurb, Jack was married to Eve before Libby and there are secrets. The prologue confirms that things might not be exactly what they seem. The minute you start reading the first page, you have a question that you need to know the answer to - which you know will only come to light the further along you read……………. The story itself starts with a car accident and I loved the way it dips back into the accident as the story unfolds making you wonder what you don’t know, what you are missing from the lives of these people.

The build up of Jack and Libby’s relationship is paced so that you don’t get bored and the characters are portrayed in-depth so you get to identify and empathise with them. The thread of Eve doesn’t weave in until half-way through the story. This could feel like you are reading two different stories but not only does the writing flow, the integration of Eve is seamless. I thought the way DK brings Eve into the present time was very clever. I found her skill in doing this also brought my mind on track ready to get back into Jack and Libby’s life as the previous part of their journey was reintroduced to the reader.

Once again, DK challenges our perceptions of the social issues in our culture, issues that we don’t want to acknowledge but are very real. She does it with such finesse but in such depth that you totally empathise.

I was expecting intrigue and wow, there is plenty of that which kept my interest all the way through. I made some guesses along the way and it turned out that in a way I was right but not in the way I expected. You will have to read the book to find out more …………………………