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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

Angelic Wisdom Trilogy - Richard      Holmes Volume One dispels the myths surrounding angels. Readers will learn what angels are … and not the labels humanity puts on them. The Angelic spheres are explained and Holmes intersperses his writing with inspirational quotes. Angels and dreams are also explored and there’s a beautiful guided meditation to lead you to your Guardian Angel. You’ll find a list of Archangels and Saints with the specific tasks they can help with.

Volume Two explains the Spiritual Laws of the Universe starting with the Laws of Foundation then moving on to the Laws of Redemption and finally the Laws of Progression. These are all channelled through different angelic beings and at the end of each Law you will find a relevant quote from Sri Sathya Sat Baba.

Both of these volumes contain a question and answer session at the end. The third volume is also a question and answer session. These sessions are Holmes asking his guardian angel to clarify information channelled.

The whole trilogy is set out in simple terms/language that anyone can access. Whether you are at the beginning or further along your spiritual path there are truths here for everyone. Personally, the Spiritual laws reminded me of things that I already knew but some had become swept aside during the daily grind.

You will find invaluable tools to assist you on your path. I’ve always believed (and experience has taught me!) that you do not need fancy rituals or expensive items to underpin any spiritual path. Pure intent is all that you need. This is something that Holmes and his guides reiterate in the Angelic Wisdom Trilogy. Using the tools within these pages you will find the heart centre and become balanced in your daily life. The Spiritual Laws will start you pondering and you will return to key passages again to consolidate your understanding as you ‘grow.’

After I finished reading Angelic Wisdom Trilogy, I woke up feeling refreshed, joyful, optimistic and yes, blessed. Definitely one for your bookshelf whether you are on a spiritual path already or are just starting your quest.