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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

Here We Go - Jessica Strassner I downloaded this for my Kindle after looking for something to suit my mood.

I really enjoyed the whole ‘feel’ of this story. We have four friends who know each other well and follow a part of their journey as romance enters and leaves their lives. We get to experience a part of their daily living and it’s so well-written and believable that I found it easy to be a part of it all.

You may well be thinking of the well-loved TV programme of ‘Friends’ – and yes, it does have that feel to it. Personally, I enjoyed watching it the first time round and now the re-runs. It’s a creation that is never out of date and something we all may have experienced at some point in our lives or even want to experience. There the similarities end as our four characters have very different personalities and the book has a very different setting.

From the very beginning of reading ‘Here We Go’ the friendship between Samantha, Julia, Joe and Alex is very evident………… the casual way Samantha overhears Joe’s conversation on his mobile and knows instantly it’s Alex and they are planning their evening – ‘they’ also including the girls. You know that these four built the foundation for their friendship years ago and they know each other well.

They are sharing a beachside duplex that’s owned by Julia’s parents. Samantha and Joe are working together on a weekly magazine feature, Julia is working in her mother’s business and Alex is a teacher.

The settings are described really well as are the everyday actions of the characters. I loved the casual way they perched on the railings or sat on the steps that led to the beach.

I think the clothes the girls wear portray their personalities and where they’re at emotionally. Jessica Strassner has Samantha dressing in drab and old clothes so we know she has been hurt emotionally even before we find out how. She’s hiding herself from public view!

Alex and Joe have important parts to play in the story but it’s the girls we get to know well and identify with. They both have a path to tread and wounds to heal – fears to confront. Not only do they achieve this through those outside of the friendship but also through being honest with each other.

I enjoyed the book and I want to know what happens next – I am left with many questions I want answers to! ………….. I would love to know what happens to Samanatha – does it work out for her? Does she continue to make her own decisions? Does she sell the house? What is Nick’s life like in New York? What happens to Joe? Do they stay in the beachside duplex? Does Julia go back to work? Can she handle starting her own business alongside being a mother? Who is invited to the wedding? What is the next crisis? (because there surely is one!) I hope Jessica Strassner may one day pick up this story again and lead us into the future but even if she doesn’t, I would recommend this book if you’re interested in the theme of friendships, love and finding yourself!