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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

Neptune's Tears - Susan Waggoner We’re introduced to how much Zee loves her job as an empath at the Royal London hospital and her connection with patient Ellie Hart. Ellie is infamous with her connection to The Neptune diamonds. We’re given the background to the mining of the diamonds and how they came to be named Neptune’s Tears.

Zee divests before going on duty and finds out she’s been reassigned to patient David Sutton. Refusing treatment and wanting to check out, on meeting him there is an instant connection. Emotions affect the ability of empaths and straight away Zee recognises she’s been ‘pierced’. She can only get so close to his energy though before he repels her, pushing her energy away. David contrives to be close to her by helping out after a shock bomb and they spend more time together. Always though David pulls back. He lies to Zee and there are more hidden layers to what the truth really is.

Zee finds out she has another talent as a diviner, a talent so rare only one in ten million people have it. Denying it at first, when she realises she could have saved peoples lives from an earthquake/tsunami, she chooses to train and volunteer. It is this gift that saves many lives during a festival in Cornwall although causes a personal loss to her. It is after the disaster that David finally tells the truth.

I absolutely adore the world that Susan Waggoner has created. The process of divesting is all to do with energy and visualisation, as is Zee’s job. I loved the healing bridge! Zee and David’s love is also a connection on an energy level. The shock bombs that terrorists use are a unique invention. Not damaging buildings but penetrating skin and causing internal injuries … it’s so easy to imagine the way humans panicked and ran despite public information and family discussions on what to do. I’m a great believer in thoughts having substance and the author uses this when new ideas were coming through on how the public could protect themselves from the shock bombs. Holograms and high tech creations are all a part of this world.

I didn’t guess the truth about David although I did think the purpose the aliens were on earth for quite strange …

Left on a cliffhanger – we know something major will happen on earth and Zee has a part to play. There is an impenetrable wall keeping Zee and David apart and it doesn’t look possible they can be together … We’ll find out in Starlight’s Edge due to be published 28 March 2013 … can’t wait!

Targeted at a YA audience, I would also recommend to anyone with an interest in science fantasy/fiction/healing. For me, Neptune’s Tears is an exciting world set in the future.

I would like to thank Piccadilly Press for providing an uncorrected proof copy in exchange for an honest review.