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5 Reasons to Leave a Lover - A Novella and Other Short Stories - Carolyn Moncel I haven’t read ‘Encounters in Paris’ so for me, this is the first time I’ve read about Ellery and Julien Roulet.

Set in Paris, the novella begins with Ellery having slept during the day after an emotional time. Husband Julien has picked up their children, twins Evie and Maddie from school, and has left the apartment. Ellery contacts her best friend Lola as she has a need to talk but Lola is not available.

What follows is an emotional rollercoaster ride for all the members of the family due to Ellery finding a love letter written to Julien’s mistress.

What I thought:

The author explores the feelings and thoughts of everyone involved. We get to read about the point of view of Ellery who initially blames herself and then goes on a whirlwind of destruction and unusually the author explores Julien’s point of view who has been torn in two and is unsure if he is making the right decision. You realise when reading his reflections that he has misunderstood an event … but it is not this alone that has led them to where they are. His mistress Katrine also has a voice in the novella. The portrayal of the twins and how they feel is heartbreaking.

I found this story thought provoking and although we don’t have a satisfactory ending, I believe this is a reflection of real life!

The final short story is very poignant and I think reflects traditional values. It portrays emotions from a man at the other end of a lifespan. His thoughts show the reader that it is possible for a love relationship to survive hardship and continue and to mourn when love has gone. Again, I think the author portrays the emotions true to life.

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