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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

Voodoo Dues (Lian and Figg #1) - Stephany Simmons The story opens with Figg pulling up to the bar and she sees her boss cleaning yet more sigils from the pavement outside. Her boss, Dr Lian Cairn, doesn’t dress or act like a bar owner. There are no customers frequent the bar … apart from the local psychics/spiritual community.

When the local Mamba arrives (Rene), she leaves her grandson, Pierre to watch the bar. Figg grew up with the grandsons, going to school with them. She knows the reputation of Rene Chamtillion. Still there the next day, Figg and Lian check to find that Pierre is dead.

They are both invited to Pierre’s funeral and what follows is plenty of action after Rene asks for their help.

The two leads are intriguing. Figg has a fabulous personality – she is sassy and courageous … and she has a well-stocked wardrobe of high-heel shoes! I loved her dry sense of humour. There is a whole lot more to who she is and her background that only get hinted at in this book. I really want to find out why she isn’t in Florida with her family and how did she get to be so resourceful? Dr Liam Cairn is nerve tingling sexy and is emotionally unavailable. The inference for me is that this is because of his mother – we only get to know she is a diplomat – but there is something else underlying his relationship with her. She definitely used to have some type of hold over him. We find out Liam has been in rehab but we don’t know exactly why. An Irish anthropologist, Liam is well-respected in the magical community. I really enjoyed Figg and Lian’s relationship.

There are some brilliant characters on the periphery too. The police investigator and the possessed necromancer left impressions on me.

I must admit to getting confused at times as the chapters alternate between Figg’s perspective and then Lian’s. This may have been because I preferred the chapters from Figg’s point of view – they had more life … more character. I felt I found out much more about Lian in Figg’s chapters and felt that first person perspective from Figg would have worked really well throughout the book.

Voodoo Dues is well written. The flow of writing carries you along and there’s no time for boredom. Not only are we getting to know the characters but of course there is the zombie action.

I enjoyed this story and am intrigued enough to want to read the next story, Vampire Blues.

If you like this genre I would recommend you pick up a copy. At the time of writing my review, Amazon are selling Voodoo Dues for £0.86. Bargain for a few hours of escape into intrigue, romance, community and the paranormal!