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I’m an avid reader, loving nothing more than expanding my microcosmic world. I enjoy escaping into all sorts of worlds through reading and also love to challenge my opinions and thoughts.

Covenant. - Dean  Crawford From the very beginning of Covenant, the reader is drawn into the story through intrigue and action.

American archaeologist, Doctor Lucy Morgan disappears and in steps maverick Ethan Warner, who has the skill of finding lost people. His mantra starts with ‘If you’ve got nothing, then nothing matters.’

Reluctant to work discreetly for the Defence Agency, the leverage of a promise to find out what happened to Ethan’s fiancée Joanna (who went missing in Gaza three years ago) is used if he will help find the missing archaeologist. He is presented with a photograph of Joanna in a hostage situation earlier that year.

After a briefing session of what is known about Lucy Morgan’s disappearance, Ethan’s mantra changes to ‘If you’ve got nothing, you’ve everything to gain.’

A couple of unrelated incidences follow … which only hooks the reader in. You want to know where they fit into the story, what part do they have to play.

What follows is a blending and merging of the threads as the reader becomes a part of this thrilling journey into science/mythology, politics/conflict and religion/belief.

The characters became real for me – we find out what Ethan looks like through his own scrutiny of his reflection in a car’s wing mirror while being a passenger – I thought this was a different and much more interesting way to get to know what he looks like! How the characters relate to each other and their own pasts make them believable and you find yourself either hoping everything works out for them or they get what they deserve...

For me, Covenant was a real page turner. I was hooked in from the beginning and didn’t lose my absorption until the last full stop. The writing flows with tension that alters your breathing and gets your own adrenalin pumping!

The book ends as Ethan is given a new brief in New Mexico and we find out that the next novel to be released in May 2012 is called ‘Elixir.’ I would definitely read more from this author.

I think Covenant will be a popular book choice in its genre of adventure-thriller fiction. I would also recommend for anyone who is interested in science and mythology. Author Dean Crawford says on his website ‘All of my novels contain a core of real science around which the stories are constructed.’

I also think that Covenant would translate really well to the silver screen. Is that a prediction?