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Sophie's Encore - Nicky Wells Here we are at the final book in the Rock Star trilogy. It is a sad moment for me!

I missed the chance of getting to know one character better because obviously, we weren’t going to go in that direction. However I didn’t realise how dramatic that would be!

We begin Sophie’s Encore with Soph and best friend Rachel on a Friday night in. Straight away we’re back into the bonds they have with each other and … a crisis!

Sophie is not letting go of what has happened in the intervening years. Dan is still a big part of Sophie’s life but in a very different role! With Josh starting at school and Emily starting at pre-school, the time has come for Sophie to get back out into the world.

Dan teaches her sound engineering and she’s taken on as Richard’s apprentice. Love the way she hears sound in colour! I’m going to try this the next time I get the opportunity to lose myself in music! I must admit that at one point I was getting anxious that Wells had got hung up on the musical aspect of the story but no, once we’re familiar with Sophie’s new occupation, it’s integrated with her life.

Dan’s hectic lifestyle of working and supporting Sophie causes a major crisis. One particular scene is full of angst and tension. I just wasn’t expecting this! Wells portrays this really well. It is obvious she has researched and the facts translate so well into the story during this trauma.

I thought that Josh and Emily’s characters truly enriched this final part of the trilogy with their reactions to experiences being so true to life.

Dan is still HOT and very desirable. Even more so now he has matured and has taken on a different role. He’s still a lot of fun! I wouldn’t mind spending Christmas with him …

The romance? I’m not going to say anything at all apart from my favourite part has to be while Sophie and her children are touring with Tuscq … and one particular scene had me in tears of joy. You’ll have to read the book to find out more!

I have to be honest and tell you that when I reached 95% I just couldn’t pick it up again. Why? Simple. I didn’t want the trilogy to end. I was putting off those final moments.

Romance, friendships, music, how children change your life, grief, learning to live again, illness, new locations and touring with a well-known rock band … what’s not to hold your attention? Wells does include information that the reader needs to know from the previous books but to get the whole picture, you really do need to start at the beginning to see how everything builds naturally to reach its final conclusion.

I would like to thank the author in providing an e-copy in exchange for an honest review.