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Not Really Mr. Smith

Not Really Mr. Smith - Katri Cardew Not Really Mr Smith begins with the reader becoming familiar with our hero James Geraghty, including the reason why he left his childhood family home to join the military. Through his connections with the military, James is offered the position to guard Aden Barrington. When we first meet James, he is a man who has emotional barriers and is guarding his heart.

Aden is a very interesting character. Something she saw as a child of ten has shaped her withdrawal of the world and she is hiding behind an eccentric artistic temperament. Her re-naming of people in her life shows an astuteness of the author in seeing underneath everyday personas. The staff around Aden treats her as if she is still a child but underneath Aden’s ‘mask’ she is very aware … she knows exactly what is happening.

At a weekend away celebrating her aunt’s birthday, James’ past becomes his present and this sparks Aden’s feelings.

During the final crises, Aden learns some truths and this releases her from her vulnerability and enables her to face up to reality.

I think James and Aden’s love is very innocent although soulful!

I have to admit that Katri Cardew’s writing intrigued me as it has an ‘old world’ feel to the rhythm.

Not Really Mr Smith is a story about power and looking below the surface (as well as the romance!) it will give you a few hours of escapism into a world of money … what it is capable of buying and what it is not.